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As we gear up for the fall season, continue to look for updates over the next few months at We'll be adding more player and coaching resources, information about registration opportunities, and more about our vision for youth soccer in Spokane.

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Greater Spokane Youth Soccer Association

Announcing the Formation of Greater Spokane Youth Soccer Association

August 19, 2013

Washington Youth Soccer is pleased to announce the formation of the Greater Spokane Youth Soccer Association (GSYSA). GSYSA will provide Washington Youth Soccer / US Youth Soccer programs to the greater Spokane area, beginning with the 2013 - 2014 player season. For this fall, GSYSA will offer the highest level of competitive soccer through its Regional Club, SSC Shadow. GSYSA will also offer participation in the District 6 Select League, and in our TOPSoccer program, serving athletes with disabilities. GSYSA will take a coordinated approach with existing recreational soccer providers to ensure the best quality of programming for the recreational player in 2014.

As GSYSA grows, it will expand its soccer programming offerings. Your child may or may not be playing soccer with Washington Youth Soccer this fall, but we want your current league experience to go uninterrupted. GSYSA will be rolling out new programming in the months ahead and we will continue to communicate with Spokane parents about these opportunities along the way.

Washington Youth Soccer has taken the unusual step of forming a new association in Spokane for a number of reasons. Washington Youth Soccer's member associations are local organizations which administer and coordinate Washington Youth Soccer / US Youth Soccer programs. Until now, there have been two Washington Youth Soccer associations in Spokane - a situation that has led to ongoing internal struggles that have impacted the soccer experiences of many players and families. Washington Youth Soccer has taken this step after many efforts to unify Spokane soccer programs, including an attempt to merge the two existing associations under a neighborhood soccer strategy developed and proposed by the member clubs of the associations. After the failure of those efforts, Washington Youth Soccer created GSYSA.

We believe that it is in the best interests of the communities and soccer players for there to be a single association in Spokane offering US Youth Soccer programming. A single association will provide more leverage and better support for the considerable talents and energy of the staff, volunteers and members of the soccer community as they focus on serving the youth of Spokane, as well as improve management of the delivery of soccer programming and financial oversight.

It is the mission of Washington Youth Soccer to provide opportunities to play in US Youth Soccer programs to all the youth of the Spokane area, regardless of age or skill level. Washington Youth Soccer has been offering programs in Spokane for over 30 years. With Greater Spokane Youth Soccer Association committed to providing these opportunities, Washington Youth Soccer's youth soccer programs in Spokane will continue to strengthen over time.

Information about GSYSA can be found at If you have further questions about Greater Spokane Youth Soccer Association, please contact Kim Calkins, Recreational & Select Programs Coordinator, Washington Youth Soccer, or (253) 944-1613.